Heartsong III | Hylas 54From January 1998 to March 2004 Liza and Alan Farrow-Gillespie of Dallas, Texas, completed a two-person sailing circumnavigation — their lifetime dream. These pages chronicle the trip.

All told, Heartsong III sailed about 37,000 miles. She crossed three oceans (Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic) and made landfall on six continents (all except Antarctica) and 55 countries or island groups.  During the trip, about 20,000 people from 57 countries followed the website.

The F-Gs have resumed land life in Dallas.  Liza is an attorney and partner with Farrow-Gillespie & Heath, LLP.  Alan is an anesthesiologist and Director of Pediatric Pain Management at Children’s Health Medical Center of Dallas.  The hardest part about returning to work is having to wear city shoes.

Heartsong III is with new owners.  It’s all very sad, but inevitable really.  Thank you for your interest.

Liza's Log

At Anchor

At Anchor in Thailand (Video)

In Phong Gnong Bay, near Phuket, Thailand, we drove the dinghy around the boat at sunset for a 360-degree look at both her and her beautiful surroundings.

Voyaging Life

In Time (Poem)

Time was once a balance beam And I a gymnast, just to stay on it; On time. Hard on its edge I ran my routine, And prayed for precision, not to fall from it —  Read more…

At Anchor

A Dugong in Vanuatu (Video)

The dugong (DOO-gong) is a rare, nearly extinct marine mammal.  A relative of the manatee, the dugong has a whale-like tail and is without question the oddest-looking creature we have ever seen underwater.  It feeds Read more…


Landlubber FAQ

Okay you lubbers — and you know who you are.  Here are answers to questions we get all the time.   (This page was written in Auckand, New Zealand, in 2000.) 1.  What has been the Read more…

Published Articles

Tobago (Article)

Where do Caribbean cruisers sail to get away from it all?  One answer is lovely Tobago — unspoiled and unfrequented, well to weather of the beaten track.  Here are a few tips from our recent Read more…