Here is our route from Thailand through the Red Sea to the Mediterranean.

Route Map

Heartsong III Indian Ocean Passage | Farrow-Gillespie

Bodies of Water

  • Andaman Sea
  • Indian Ocean
  • Laccadive Sea
  • Arabian Sea
  • Gulf of Aden
  • Red Sea

Route Detail

  • Passage from Phuket to Maldive Islands
  • Cruise Maldives
  • Passage from Maldives across Arabian Sea and Gulf of Aden, through Bab al Mendeb to Eritrea
  • Land-travel Eritrea
  • Passage from Massawa, Eritrea, to Sudan
  • Passage from Sudan to Egypt
  • Cruise and land-travel Egypt
  • Traverse the Suez Canal
  • Passage from Suez Canal to Marmaris, Turkey

Photographs from this Route (Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden)

Photographs from this Route (Red Sea)