Here is a list of peripheral equipment and accessories aboard Heartsong III for all or part of the circumnavigation.

Heartsong III | Maldives | Farrow-GIllespie

Tender and Outboards

  • Southern Pacific RIB 3.1-meter dinghy (previous dinghy lasted about 3 years)
  • Yamaha 15hp outboard
    • Note: We had many problems with this outboard, and many problems trying to get warranty work done outside USA.  However, the darn thing just wouldn’t die so we could justify buying a new one — so maybe it was better than we thought.
  • Avon R341 11ft roll-up dinghy (spare)
  • Mariner 2hp “kicker” outboard

Heartsong III | Moorea | Farrow-Gillespie


  • Pacer hard-shell sea kayak
  • Max-Air 35 dive compressor, 3.5 CFM
  • SCUBA gear
  • Huka gear
  • Snorkel gear
  • Fishing gear
  • Gates underwater housing for digital video camera


  • Davis Mark III sextant
  • Steiner 50×70 binoculars
  • Nikon 50×70 6.2 Seasider binoculars
  • ITT Night Mariner 150 night-vision monocular
  • Speedtech portable Depth Mate sounder
  • KVH Datascope hand bearing compass
  • Accusight hand bearing compass
  • Niteguard 500,000 CP cordless spotlight
  • Megaphone, with siren, mounted in companionway
  • Radio Shack intruder mini-alarms (4), mounted in cockpit, companionways (excellent)
  • Shadetree awning
  • Non-battened “lunch” awning
  • Baja fuel filter
  • Sunbrella covers for all hatches, winches and deck gear
  • Pump for transferring diesel fuel from barrels (ashore or in dinghy) to boat’s built-in tanks


  • Panasonic 20″ TV/VCR (NTSC)
  • “Multi” VCR and converter (PAL & NTSC)
  • Pioneer stereo CD/cassette/am-fm system, 12-CD changer
  • Video library
  • CD library
  • “Books on tape” library
  • Ovation guitar, travel size
  • Yamaha PSR-520 cordless electric piano
  • Flute & recorder
  • Fujifilm MX700 digital camera
  • Sony PC-100 digital video camera
  • Pentax 35 mm camera, lenses: 80-200, 200-320

Handy Everyday Things to Have

  • Lots of gasket paper
  • Many rolls of non-skid
  • Many, many ziplocks of all sizes, including XXX
  • Knee-pads (rollerblading type) — for pain-free varnishing, scrubbing, etc., on deck
  • Small mirror with long handle (medical/dental supply type) — for sticking behind things to see what the heck is down there
  • Velcro (sticky type and sewing type)
  • Museum clay (to put on bottoms of things so they don’t slide off countertops)
  • Butane long-handled lighter(s) — for barbecue, etc.
  • Tiny electric sander with polishing pad attachment
  • Spelunking-type flashlight with strap to wear on forehead — for hands-free light
  • Tiny battery-operated book light — for reading on watch
  • Magnifying glass with red illumination — for reading tiny print on charts without destroying night vision
  • Alcohol “prep pads” (medical supply type)
    • These have many uses, and I always carry some in my purse or pocket to clean Internet Cafe computer keyboards, telephone receivers, etc., before use.  Anything you can do within reason to cut down on getting unusual germs in remote areas pays off.
  • Antibacterial no-water soap
  • Veggie Wash (antibacterial soaking agent for cleaning fruit & veg in remote areas). 
    • Note: If this seems like a heavy emphasis on anti-bacteria precautions, it’s because I write this as Alan and I are just getting over a major Southeast Asian week-long dysentery-like stomach-flu-like malady that has made life miserable, death occasionally preferable, and us very relieved that the boat has two heads.  So be forewarned — it does happen, even if you’re careful.
  • Tupperware for freezing individual portions of meals for passages
  • Plastic ice-cube trays with lids to prevent pre-freeze spilling (Tupperware’s version is excellent)

Other Equipment